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7 Technology Trends to Boost Your Business in 2017

The world never sleeps. When one half is off with their daily maneuvers, the other half is up and hustling. That being said, it’s not surprising at all how the world is rapidly developing in its technological revolution; if not one half of the world, it’s always the other constantly innovating, discovering and Inspiring.

Observing the leap in the world’s technological developments within the past two decades, it is plenty evident that just as certain as the world is round; it is certainly true how intelligent the human creature is discovering the most subtle applications and designing them to evolve with the humans itself.

On observing the past occurrences as well as researching the top business trends for the year of 2017, let us bring to you the most anticipated trends in business technology for the year of 2017.

1. Green Production

The more the technological developments see the rise in the world, more companies tend to realize the environmental benefits and cost savings that can be reaped. Companies are starting to support environmental causes more and more by taking their own initiatives to reduce wastage of resources with lean manufacturing processes.

Switching to renewable energy resources is also a significant measure taken to support green production practices. Such initiatives appeal highly to the modern day consumers who are likely to make more sustainable purchasing decisions deviating from the traditional decision making patterns.

2. Automation

From plug-and-play devices to plug-and-play factories! Sure, why not? Although automation was in the beginning of this century more inclined towards the automotive industry, the tables have now turned.

At present, most manufacturers use some kind of automated functions to streamline their processes. Although by 2012 the automation accounted to only 50% of a business, the discovery of remote monitoring and vision systems has nudged towards a further increase in the use of such robotics in other areas of production as well.

The ability to overlook the machinery and predict malfunctions beforehand and manage the fixed assets accordingly has eliminated one of the major threats of using advanced technologies.

3. 3D printing

With the exception of one or few of the most business-centric readers, the one thing that jumps at anyone at the mention of 3D printing is more of often than not, I believe, is printable foods!

Have you ever stopped to think what other aspects there may be to 3D printing? Well, here’s something to get you started!

With 3D printing facilities, faster prototyping is allowed where improvements in design can be easily derived not to mention small-batch production at reasonable costs. This eliminates the need for extensive standard product development regardless the changes that may have to be made, saving big bucks for companies!

4. Social Solutions and Crowd Sourcing

Brainstorming has become the new smart! Really it’s one of the most innovative approaches that the 21st century has seen in terms of New Product Development. Through social media and crowd sourcing, companies are presented with new ideas to meet industry needs and new ways of solving problems.

The initial ideas from experts in the industry are put through to the consumers to gain their insights on what may or may not work.

5. Reshoring vs Near shoring

The concept of outsourcing/ off shoring was the go to mechanism literally a stone-age ago! Times have evolved and better cost-saving mechanisms have come into play.

Since 2011 there has been a notable increase in reshoring, where the production bases are being relocated to their home countries. This has become general practice after eye-openers that it’s not only the cost of manufacturing that needs to be accounted for. Instead it’s also the proximity to market bases, reduced lead times and high agility that drives the success of the business.

Not to mention the massive copy-cat brands that is on the rise in the same localities. These factors have yearned the necessity for a better method of manufacturing; near shoring, where production bases are set up in the closest possible proximity to the major markets.

6. Humanized Big Data (visual, empathetic, qualitative)

Big Data is the thing if you want your business to be specific. To the dot. Big Data is referred to mass quantities of gathered data which can now be accessed to plan out all your business needs with the optimal efficiency.

From planning better medical treatment schemes to intelligent marketing campaigns, Big Data is a foot ahead of you always. In 2017 Big Data is expected to see growth in terms of qualitative features, accessibility and visualizability.

7. Intelligent Apps

If you thought that smart technological applications are at its peak as of the moment, you are in for a sweet surprise for the year 2017!

Intelligent technological applications such as virtual personal applications have revolutionized the workplace activities with their potential to make tasks much effective and efficient.

However, developments are bound to take larger strides technologically with the rise of AI powered applications at present and more in the future.  According to Gartner, by 2018 AI will be incorporated in its most refined terms within business enterprise applications for the most advanced analytics the world has seen so far to perk up their customer service.

Of course these are some pointers that indicate the direction which businesses are headed at the moment. But in reality, it’s common knowledge that there are a thousand and one other factors that may bud in and change course otherwise. Nevertheless, we believe the above are some of the most promising trends that will take us all by awe this year!

A techy new year 2017 to you all!!

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February 15, 2017