BILEETA PRESENTS “ENTUITION VESTA“ | Bileeta Entution | Cloud ERP Sri Lanka


Bileeta’s CEO Sanji De Silva and Senior Business Analyst Dhanushka Kavindu attended the Global Health Supply Chain Summit 2019 in Johannesburg, South Africa. The focus of   this years summit was on the global health supply chain impact, that includes data and analytics, entrepreneurship and accessibility.

The summit comprised of an impressive group of practitioners and experts from the global health supply chain field including academics, country planners, NGOs, logistics practitioners, pharmaceutical industry and donor representatives.

Mr Sanji De Silva and and Dhanushka Kavindu presented Entution Vesta’s success story in Nepal and Zimbabwe to the audience and outlined how the solution helped to overcome challengers in stockouts, expiries, management of inventory and supply chain despite internet connectivity issues and
interrupted electricity. Further they were able to highlight the forecasting tools and powerful data analytics in the applications and importance of those tools to make proactive decisions with actionable data.

Following the presentation, the Bileeta team members had many productive discussions with representatives from other countries and leading NGOs ranging from USAID, The UN and The Global Fund as well as other leading solution providers such as IBM.

December 19, 2019