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Customer Success Stories

Hear how our customers expanded their businesses by implementing Entution Cloud ERP successfully

JAT Holdings

The innate efficiency of the system allowed the employees to spend more time on value addition such as consulting and up-selling, in turn delivering not only better customer and dealer satisfaction, but also higher revenue & instantaneous management tasks due to the mobility of the application.


MR. AELIAN GUNAWARDENE, Managing Director – JAT Holdings

Bileeta's client - Clenergy Tech

Looking back, We are very Happy that we decided to go with Entution ERP from Bileeta

“We deliberated much before finally deciding to purchase the CRM module and then later the inventory module as well. Being a small start-up we often second guessed our decision. However, looking back, we are very happy that we decided to go with Entution ERP from Bileeta, as it has proved to be the correct decision. During staff movement, such as in a competitive environment has kept our data secure helping new  members to pick up faster, kept consistency throughout the processes and most of all enable our staff to work from anywhere. The response and the service offered by the Bileeta team members has also been very good. ”


RAMESH KARUNARATNE, Director- Clenergy Tech

Bileeta's customer testimonial from Favourite Group pvt ltd

Entution ERP offers the convenience of working-from-home

“We are a large group, with diversified businesses. When we started to evaluate an ERP, 3 years ago, even way back then we treasured the Sri Lankan made ERP solutions over foreign software solutions, and also the fact that it’s a Cloud Based solution. Implemented fully, and set up as a multi-tenant environment, here we are now reaping the benefit of Working-from-Home using Entution – ERP solution, for our business operation. Thanks to Bileeta for Entution ERP Solution.”


RANMUTHU DE SILVA, Group Manager – IT – Favourite Group

Bileeta's Customer testimonial from Pamunugama Distrubutors

Entution ERP provides the direction for me, as the MD,  to steer the operation strategically

“We implemented Entution, the Cloud Based ERP system 8 months back, and it helped not only integrate all our organization’s processes to work as one unified system with best industry practices, but it  provides the direction for me as the MD, the power to steer the operation strategically on a daily basis. Importantly, during this  lockdown situation we are privileged to operate from home with Entution. Thanks to Entution, from Bileeta & our banking partner HNB for introducing Bileeta. ”


W.D. I. THARAKA, Chief Executive Officer – Pamunugama Distributors

Bileeta's Customer testimonial from Mercury Motor works

Thanks to Entution, Now I can run my business on the move, and I reduced a lot of Paper Work

“ This product offered by Bileeta is fabulous! I was literally drowning in bills since I run a Motor Workshop and was often billing my    Clients much later until a Client himself told me to talk to Bileeta. Thanks to Entution ERP, now I can run my business on the run and I reduced a lot of my paperwork. Importantly the Team is very professional, friendly and easy to work with. I would certainly recommend them to anyone who needs to digitize their business. ”


RUAN DAYANANDA, Managing Director – Mercury Motorworks (Pvt) Ltd

Bileeta's customer testimonial from Axia pharmaceutical

As a Pharmacist, Our Essential Work made Easy During COVID-19 Pandemic, Thanks to Entution ERP.

“I need to make strategic decisions on-the-go, & on-line transparency of the supply chain management is crucial to our business, especially during the present crisis situation. I am pleased with my decision, to go with the Sri Lankan made Entution – Cloud based ERP solution, from Bileeta.”


SIVA PERUMAL, Managing Director –  Axia

Bileeta's customer testimonial from Tropical Shellfish

My ERP Offers the convenience of Operating-from Home

“Of course, we made the right choice back then, to implement Entution – the Cloud Based ERP solution, and here we are during this time of Pandemic, our staff work from home to manage the inventory and logistics to cater to the need of the emergency situation in the country ”


SHAN MEEMANAGE, Director – Divron Bioventures (Pvt) Ltd

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