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Entution for Your Export Business

In today’s technology driven world, organizations have the need to automate their business processes and access business data on the go. To cater to such needs, several Enterprise Resource Planning solutions are now available which enables decision makers to easily get access to real time data about their company by viewing the business dashboards at any time.

However, when it comes to ERP solutions, enterprises are faced with a series of challenges. This is because current, on-premise softwares are too complex for users due to limited visibility to the system. As a result, it makes it difficult for users to map their business requirement resulting in customers purchasing a system with unwanted functionalities.

Entution, a full-fledged cloud enabled Enterprise Resource Planning solution, helps to overcome the above mentioned gaps with its brand new concept called JOURNEYs. This creates better visibility to customers to easily map their requirements and get started quickly.

Let’s take a look at a scenario of an export business, and see how Entution helps at a macro level.


ABC Limited is a plastics manufacturing company which has its production facility as well as several outlets that caters to the local sales. In addition to this, ABC Limited also exports plastics to international markets.

Mr. John, the CEO of ABC Limited, is always on the move for business visits and is unable to monitor the status of his firm. Instead, he has to perform manual work which includes scanning through old files and books.

For an individual like John, this is a tedious job to do as he keeps travelling. As a result, this hampers the productivity of the organization since the major decisions are taken by John and the staff depend on the approval of the CEO to carry out a task.

How Does Entution Help?

By deploying Entution at ABC Limited, John can get in-depth, real 4. Entution Dashboardtime information about his business with Entution Dashboard. Since Entution is mobile responsive and available on the cloud, John can easily access the system with any device using any web browser and thus, view his dashboard. This gives an overview of the company from all aspects. Moreover, he can perform approvals easily by viewing his pending activities in the tasks section. This allows John to easily perform the work within just a few clicks and saves up a lot of the time wasted in performing manual work.

Furthermore, with Entution Production Journeys, John can track all the activities in the supply chain and thus identify if there are any obstructions in the manufacturing process and delivery of the final product. By having this information, preventive measures can be taken to ensure that the production process is streamlined and running smoothly. Furthermore, Entution will facilitate in keeping track of the raw material inventory at ABC Limited which will enable the firm to reorder stocks prior to production.

When it comes to the local sales and distribution, Entution can be integrated with Field Sales Automation software to ensure that the sales team functions effectively. With Entution as the back office system, John can centrally control the entire sales operation at ABC Limited, thereby saving time and money by getting in-depth information into each and every action. Moreover, sales managers will be able to monitor the sales coming in via multiple channels.

In summary, Entution will help ABC Limited to eliminate operational inefficiencies associated with production, sales and distribution. With Entution, John will feel at ease in managing his business due to better access to company insights, better internal communication and streamlined business processes.

May 12, 2016

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