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ERP for Large Enterprise

Entution ERP Solution for Main Stream Businesses and Larger Enterprises

Entution ERP is a trendsetter supporting series of Businesses in various industry landscapes to enrich operational excellence. A fully-fledged, cloud-enabled business solution developed using state-of-the-art technology comprehensively helps run the business operations at the fingertips of the management. It empowers small- and medium-sized enterprises (SME’s) and large enterprises involved in Sales and Distribution, Manufacturing, projects, and services throughout their digital transformation journey to make their business efficient and profitable. Entution is a Next-generation ERP that is more than just software. Entution ERP’s flexible technology platform, adaptive user experience (UX), and embedded unique intelligent capabilities, combined with global best practices, support enterprises to thrive.

Running a sustainable business in today’s dynamic and fast-paced world is challenging. It is essential to keep your business agile and drive forward with flexible, effective business practices. Entution comprehensively connects your business processes to embrace operational excellence by managing Sales & Distribution, Financials, Supply Chain Operations, Manufacturing, Projects and Services. The strong Interoperability layer seamlessly connects with 3rd party systems such as Payment Gateways, Payroll and Industry-specific solutions. Intelligent Reporting and Analytics platforms drive your business to a new data-driven culture.

How Entution ERP Helps Businesses to Embrace Greater Growth Potential

When your existing legacy solution no longer supports your business when you are outgrowing, and you are tired of investing in maintenance or rubber banding the current solution, which provides little or no value to your business, it’s time to embrace a reliable ERP Solution that supports your people to drive your business forward. Entution ERP is your trustworthy technology partner propelling your journey of success.

Outdated legacy systems generate inaccurate information and unnecessary data islands where businesses find making well informed decisions challenging. Entution ERP is a powerful data hub that allows companies to collect, store, and analyze data seamlessly across all operations.

Entution seamlessly helps businesses to plan their resources better, reduce operational costs, eliminate wastages, improve inventory costs and increase process excellence.

Businesses can eliminate roadblocks to their growth by embracing globally accepted business processing practices introduced by Entution ERP.

It supports improving communication across departments and optimizing business processes, enabling easy visibility of all operations.

Many businesses hinder their growth potential by relying on legacy solutions or rubber banding the existing solutions.

Entution ERP offers better customer service by providing better access to customer information that prevents revenue leakages.

Better financial operations lead to well-disciplined financial management practices with adequate controls.

Entution ERP supports businesses to adapt to new ‘Data Driven’ culture with enhanced business reporting via richly detailed real-time financial information.

Entution ERP transforms your business as an intelligent organization supporting to make informed decisions by providing access to state-of-the-art smart KPIs and Business Intelligent reporting facilities.

Improved cash flows of the business operations.

Bileeta Entution at a Glance

Sales & Distribution

Entution Sales Module empowers your sales team to initiate a sale from an inquiry, and progress until completion. These processes range from simple to complex, covering activities from pre-sales to post-sales including comprehensive facilities to manage market promotions, pricing structures, sales targets along with a flexible sales commission calculation platform. Moreover, Entution brings absolute visibility & control to your entire sales operation, empowering you to dynamically implement market strategies.

Supply Chain Management operation

Entution supply chain management involves planning, execution, control, and monitoring of procurement activities, including warehouse storage, transportation and the market aspect of effectively managing demand and supply to meet customer demands. Entution will introduce effective forecasting, planning, and collaborating towards your organization which is instrumental in business growth.

Accounting & Finance

Entution integrates all processes in your company into the centralized Accounting & Finance Module, which is the core of those business processes, while focusing on the future, with tools that emphasize budgeting, forecasting and planning. Simultaneously Entution will also manage financial elements such as your general ledger, accounts payable, accounts receivable, cash & tax management, ultimately generating the automated Financial Statements. You will have real-time access to essential core business & financial data for strategic decision making as well as regulatory compliance adherence.

Fixed Asset Management

Entution Fixed Assets module handles asset registration, classification, tagging, retirement and disposal for individual and composite assets. Management functions provide financial asset accounting capabilities, repair/service scheduling & barcoding. The system handles multiple depreciation methods, which can be automatically scheduled and fully integrated with the general ledger. You would be able to maximize the asset reliability and performance, predict and prevent equipment failure, comply with operational regulations and track all costs related to asset usage through Entution.

Customer Relationship Management

The main objective of the Entution CRM module is to reduce your hassle in customer management. It handles customers’ interaction in an intelligent way and plays a vital role in your business. You can follow up on your customers from a central position, engaging in effective communication with customers while you keep track of every interaction with your customers. It provides you with the facility to record email details, contact details, any previous interactions, sales inquiry details & most importantly schedule future interactions & plan your teams’ activities effectively.


Entution manufacturing module is ideal for manufacturers in any industry to plan production and make sure that you have everything required for scheduled production runs such as raw materials (MRP), machinery & labour. During the manufacturing process, it will update the status of work-in-progress and help you to track actual output against forecasted production while providing a real-time picture of the shop floor, capturing information at each production workstation with an accurate costing. With real insights, Entution enables your organization to identify any inefficiencies in your production cycles while making sure that optimization is achieved.

Projects Management

Entution empowers your business by providing complete visibility into your projects. Our solution provides dedicated tools to help you define tasks, synchronize dates, track status, avoid missed deadlines and ensure profitability, whether you are managing a single project or a complex, multi-project program. Powerful cost accounting functionality enables you to manage project expenses, as well as determine the impact that changes will have on project completion and profitability, while allowing you to track material, resource, labour & overhead consumption per each activity on the project work break down structure.

Service Management

Entution service management provides the tools and information you need to manage post-sales services effectively, from installing products and responding to service calls to coordinating service resources and providing ongoing maintenance. Entution manages all service-related activities cost-effectively, including inquiry handling, service quotations, service order handling, field service dispatching, installation management, preventative maintenance, service contract management, resource planning, spare parts inventory, warranty management, and more.

Fleet Management

Entution Fleet Management module helps you to manage an entire fleet effectively, whether it’s internal or hired, you can monitor & control your fleet, ensuring overall visibility to vehicle & driver movements, along with cost consumption details. Entution is adaptable to a delivery fleet model making sure that operations are optimized with effective route planning & vehicle scheduling, while also catering for the vehicle rental model, with comprehensive contract management & rental.

Business Analytics and Information

Entution enables your management team to easily monitor the overall organizational performance through its comprehensive, real-time Business Analytics and Information module, which analyzes strategic & operational business data and provides a customized representation of critical information which reflects the current status of your organization. Further, the forecasted insights seamlessly enhance the decision-making process of the business.

Bileeta Entution Core Modules & Core Capabilities

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