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Bileeta Entution empowers your organization to manage projects and streamline all costs and resources in order to track, manage and charge the customer based on accurate costing with relevant margins.

The Contract Billing functionality helps you create complex projects and assign resources as well as make cost estimations to relevant projects.

With Entution, the complete execution process of the contract and its activity specific documentation can be managed with ease. Projects and Services is integrated with finance functionalities to allocate as well as monitor the utilization of necessary funds for the project.


Create and Manage Projects
Creation and management of projects where work breakdown structures can be created and activities and documents mapped to each work item. You are able to commence a project immediately and keep track of its progress regularly, giving the management extensive perspective of the project.
Keep Track of jobs
With Entution, jobs can be created and assigned to a specific project or contract. You can also track direct and indirect costs, and resources allocated to each job. This increases the visibility and accuracy of job costing, providing your organization with a distinct edge in terms of managing costs efficiently.
Manage preventive maintenance contracts
Preventive maintenance contracts can be created in order to schedule and manage tasks efficiently, and keep track of accurate costing and billing. Entution provides the facility to set automated billing periods for each contract and ensures a continuous cash inflow from long-term contracts.
Utilize resources efficiently
Entution provides comprehensive and dynamic Resource Management with functionalities that spans across the enterprise resources utilized by your organization. Each resource will be uniquely identified by Entution and will be assigned with its own cost factors. Standard costing principles are applied to ensure all activities and resources are tracked, measured and variances monitored.

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Enhanced Project and Contract Efficiency
Through the adoption of appropriate contract and project management practices, and capturing of critical information relating to the project or contract, Entution empowers the management to smoothly manage ongoing engagements. Estimates are compared against actual values in order to identify discrepancies and inefficiencies.
Flexibility to adapt
Organizations need to be able to adapt to the various needs of its clients when dealing with them. Entution provides extensive flexibility to create jobs and generate required documents when executing projects and contracts, enabling your staff to meet client needs effectively and secure customer loyalty.
Eliminating operational inefficiencies
With Entution, you will be able to identify the inefficiencies that occur at each stage. The inefficiencies are easily quantifiable and enables your organization to be proactive in the management of resource utilization, expenditure and to ensure the output is completed as planned.

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