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Supply Chain Agro Logisitics Ecosystem (SCALE)


Supply Chain Agro Logistics Ecosystems

Entution SCALE can ease agricultural supply chain management by automating entire operational processes seamlessly, connecting Farmers, Field officers, distribution, and decision support systems.

The system is built on the Entution platform leveraging the innovative architecture and state-of-the-art technology. Embedded with features such as procurement management, Inventory & Warehouse Management, Asset Management, Fleet management, workflow approval & task management, and BI decision support system for authorities to take necessary decisions in advance and secure sustainable and efficient supply chain.


Agricultural Supply Chain

Entution SCALE is a fully-fledged digitized agricultural logistic management information system built on a unique architecture using state-of-the-art technologies. The system covers all aspects of the agricultural value chain management, including crop management, field visits and scheduling crop cycles, logistics management, and decision support system

Farmer Registration

Demand and supply forecasting

Distribution & Transportation Management System

Fleet Management

System data interoperable – layer

Crop Details and capacity Monitoring

Supply planning

Warehouse Management

Asset Management System

Remote Temperature Monitoring & IoT integration

Crop Cycle Monitoring

Post-Harvest Handling

Stocks Levels and Capacity monitoring

Workflow Management

User role-based access control

Field Officer Enablement

Procurement Management System

Inventory Management System

Operational Strategic and Analytics Dashboards With BI

Support Agri tec product Integration

Farming Program Management

Pick up and Delivery planning

Batch, Lot Expiry Management

Generate and Export Reports

Data warehousing and upload

Scheduling field Visits and Route Planning

Quality Check and grading

Approvals and task management

System Notification and SMS/ email alerts

Language localization

Crop details and capacity monitoring

Supply planning

Warehouse Management

Fleet Management System data interoperable – layer
Crop Cycle Monitoring

Post-Harvest Handling

Stocks Levels and Capacity monitoring

Asset Management System

Remote Temperature monitoring & IOT integration

Field Officer Enablement

Procurement Management System

Inventory Management System

Workflow Management

User roll based access control


Supply Chain Ecosystem

Entution Agriculture value chain management solution landscape

Entution Core Applications

Entution SCALE is a fully-fledged solution that caters to all the relevant supply chain points covering, Central, Regional and Remote Supply Chain points. The cloud-based online application is deployed at

the sites with proper infrastructure and internet connectivity. The solution stack also includes offline desktop Apps to cater areas with poor infrastructure and internet connectivity to ensure uninterrupted operations. The state of art Mobile Application is designed purely for farming operations, ensuring mobility, accessibility and availability.

Agri Management Web-Based Solution by SCALE Entution

Web-Based Online Application

  • Cloud-Based Solution with extensive functionalities
  • Real-time data synchronizations and validations.
  • Best suited for sites/locations with proper infrastructure and net connectivity.
  • Mainly supports central and regional level supply chain
Agri Management Mobile-Based Solution by SCALE Entution

Mobile-Based Online Application

  • Mobile application is a subset of offline applications.
  • This can be used at the Health Centre/ Health Posts level.
  • The application can work with interrupted internet connectivity and synchronize data based on internet availability.


Seed To Plate

Agro Management System - SCALE by Entution
value chain management features by Entution

Farmer Empowerment

Facilitating to manage national level farming programs to meet food demand and supply on agricultural products.

  • Facilitates farmers to register their farming crop detail and capacities
  • Provides analytics on food demand & support to right product to harvest in the right quantities
  • Provide connection with field officer and support to the best product to harvest.
  • Provides analytics on post-harvesting information and pricing pattern
Entution Farmer Empowerment solution

Field Officer Enablement

  • Scheduling field officer visits and update crop status
  • Update field officer visits and update farming cycle
  • Provides historical farming records and demand pattern
  • Provides route planning which includes event calendar
field officer enablement - Agri Management software

Decision Support System

Entution SCALE comprehensively delivers decision-driven analytical information by comparing the farmer’s farming cycle and the buyer’s periodical demand, which synchronizes demand and supply of the harvest without shortage or waste of production.

Agri Management Decision support system - SCALE by Entution

Logistics Management

Entution SCALE fully supports the six logistics rights that can streamline crop production distribution by automating the entire value chain management process, from analyzing the optimum quantities required for the targeted market.

The system supports procuring and distributing crop production across many supply chain points with remote temperature monitoring devices.

The solution further strengthens the supply chain by providing warehouse management, inventory management, asset management, and fleet management to ensure the best utilization of crop production.

Entution ERP Logistics Management solution

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