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Entution Vesta eLMIS

The “Entution Vesta” is an electronic logistics management information system (eLMIS) equipped with a powerful data analytical tool and fully-fledged supply chain management (SCM) functionalities. It streamlines supply planning, purchasing, and distribution of health commodities across all levels of supply chain entities from central warehouses, regional warehouses, and district warehouses to service delivery points (SDPs) or health facilities.

Entution Vesta (eLMIS) is a cloud-based solution which can be accessed online for locations having proper internet facilities. The solution functionalities are also available on desktop offline applications and mobile applications to overcome infrastructure challenges in remote sites. Therefore, all health facilities have the ability to work online and offline to eliminate communication issues, thus improving the efficiency of the entire supply chain process.

The powerful data analytics tool provides decision-driven information with business intelligence reporting, KPIs, and notifications to support confident decision making. Also, it provides real-time visibility to the supply chain and visualizes the needs, helping management to make proactive decisions.

Our solutions are developed for easy adoptability, and for non-tech-savvy end users. We also offer tools such as UI customizers, report designers, and advanced workflow configurators to ensure the long-term sustainability of the solution by local parties. The state-of-the-art integration layer ensures interoperability with existing 3rd party solutions such as ERP systems, DHIS2, patient management systems, etc. All this is made possible by a team with decades of experience in ERP and Healthcare domains with numerous installations across the Globe.


Entution Vesta web-based online application provides advanced data analytic tools along with all required functionalities to conduct real-time transactions on procurement, logistics management, and warehouse management. The data analytics tool provides forecasting, capacity planning, and real-time notifications such as near stockouts, near expiry, temperature alarms, shipment notifications, reminders, etc., to take proactive decisions in the supply chain.

As a cloud-based solution, the application can be hosted with a cloud provider or on a local server environment and can be accessed via the internet/VPN.

This application has similar functionality to the web-based application and it has capacity to operate online or offline based on the internet availability, thus this application is more suitable for the remote locations which has interrupted internet and electricity.

This application is fully capable of working without internet, where the data will be stored locally and synchronized when internet is available. This application also provides the essential reports for warehouse operations in offline mode.


This application can work online or offline based on the internet availability. The captured data will be stored in the mobile device when the application is offline, and data will be synced as soon as the internet connectivity is available.

Dashboard Analytics

Entution Vesta together with PowerBI provides advanced Business Intelligence (BI) for real-time data analytics and greater visibility through Dashboards,GIS Maps and KPIs.

ELMIS performance dashboard mainly visualizes the Stockouts, Reporting status and Main transaction trends of the overall supply chain

Programme wise Dashboards mainly focus on the Consumption, Month of Stock on Hand (MOSOH) and Expiry of the Family Planning and Maternal Child Health.

KPIs mainly focuses on Order Fill Rate, Wastage Rate, Lead Time, Local vs Foreign Procurement, Funding Source wise Procurement, Stock out rate, etc

Inventory &  Warehousing and Distribution

  • Requisition, Commodity Issue and Commodity Receive process
  • Requisition Forwarding & Requisition Desk
  • Warehouse & Inventory Management
  • Batch Management Using FEFO / FIFO & LIFO
  • EPI Vaccine & Cold Chain Management (VVM Stage management)
  • QC Procedures
  • Batch Recall / Hold
  • Delivery Planning & Distribution
  • Delivery Tracking
  • Dispense
  • GS1 Barcoding
  • Stock Take and Stock adjustments process
  • Commodity Dispose process
  • UOM Conversion process
  • Bin Transfer process
  • LMIS Data Entry

Admin Functions

  • Master Data management
  • Legacy Data Migration & Warehousing
  • Offline Data Backup and Upload
  • Journey Configuration
  • Workflow Configuration
  • UI Customizer
  • User Role Based Access Controls
  • Message Manager

Assets Management

  • Equipment Management & Registration
  • Depreciation & Revaluation
  • Remote Temperature Monitoring
  • Asset Maintenance & Maintenance Schedules
  • Asset Relocation


  • Pipeline Forecast
  • Tendering & Procurement Process
  • Vendor Contract Management
  • Blanket Order Management

Actionable Data

  • Near Stock out Notifications
  • Near Expiry Notification
  • Shipment Notifications
  • Reminder Facility
  • Approval Notifications
  • Reject Notifications
  • Temperature Alarm Notifications


Entution Vesta (eLMIS) is a Commercially Off The Shelf (COTS) solution which can be further customized and localized to meet customer requirements closely. The pricing of Entution is based on the following factors:

Perpetual User License Fee

This is a one time fee where the customer can procure user licenses that are valid for lifetime. There are multiple user categories and the following named user license pricing available to choose from:

Online User License


Offline User License


Mobile User License


Implementation Fee

The cost of implementation will be based on the level of effort required to conduct system studies, localization & customization, user training and acceptance procedure, and roll out. Therefore, implementation fee will be determined by the exact scope of the project.

Support and Maintenance Fee

The client can sign up for a maintenance and support contract to obtain L1 to L3 support services, plus receive the software updates to keep the solution up to date with latest technologies and features. This cost will be custom calculated to meet the exact requirements of the clients

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