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Supply Chain and Inventory Management

Create a Flexible Supply Chain. Save time and money through efficient inventory and warehousing

How Entution Supply Chain Inventory Management ERP works for you

Bileeta’s Entution supply chain management erp enables organizations to manage their inventory efficiently and provide a 360 view of all items in stock. Through Entution Journeys, you are able to streamline the supply chain and ensure that all operations take place smoothly within your organization.

Entution gives you great flexibility to deal with suppliers while maintaining the necessary control in your procurement process. It ensures maximum productivity across your entire supply chain and helping you achieve a higher cost-benefit. To see Full capabilities, Request a demo

Features of Entution Supply Chain Management ERP

Manage your procurement process
Entution Procurement Journeys enables a comprehensive vendor profile to be stored and managed, which can be used for the Accounts Payable functionality and efficient credit control. Users can calculate the actual cost of shipments or received goods. It also enables the flexible management of purchase returns in an effective manner.
Inventory Control and Warehousing
Entution Journeys enables you to manage the acquisition, storage and dispatch of goods efficiently while having a comprehensive view of all items in stock. This helps your organization drive down inventory management costs and increase operational performance thus ensuring the timely delivery of goods to your customers.

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Fine-tuned inventory management operations
Entution empowers your organization to improve its inventory management to a degree that each and every task in the process can be made more time and cost efficient. Workflows can be mapped to monitor every single activity and management teams will be provided with insight into the process.
Reduced inventory holding costs
Inventory holding costs are one of the heaviest burdens carried by many organizations due to inefficient management of stocks. Entution ensures that even with a wide, complex network of warehouses, inventory storage and retrieval would be highly efficient and save unnecessary inventory holding costs.
Speedy delivery to customers
Entution facilitates fast delivery to customers through the use of organized storage and quick location of goods. You can locate goods instantly and deliver them to your customer without incurring any cost on storage. Faster delivery ensures customer satisfaction and loyalty while reducing operating costs and increasing profitability.
Total control of inventory
With Entution you can manage the entire inventory process from the point of ordering and receiving items to the point of handling stock transfers and sales returns. Entution updates the stock level at each transaction in real-time, allowing for quick access to stock level of each item.

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