Entution ERP Solution for Small & Medium Enterprises

Entution SME ERP instrumentally helps small and medium businesses to effectively adapt to the technology to empower their digital transformation journey.

It empowers SMEs to better manage their business operations and ensure financial health by seamlessly managing revenue streams and expenses.

Entution SME ERP comes with four Core / Base modules essential for SMEs to start their digital transformation journey; Sales & Invoicing, Purchasing, Inventory Management and Accounting and Finance, combined with an intelligent business reporting layer that provides an array of informative decision-driven dashboards with a series of KPIs at your fingertips.

How Entution ERP Helps SMEs to Embrace Greater Growth Potential


Entution SME ERP seamlessly helps you to better plan your resources, reduce operational costs, eliminate wastages, improved inventory costs and increase process excellence.
It supports improving communication across departments and optimizing business processes, enabling easy visibility of all operations.
Small and Businesses can eliminate roadblocks to their growth by embracing globally accepted business processing practices introduced by Entution ERP.
Better Financial operations lead to well-disciplined financial management practices with adequate controls.
Entution ERP offers better customer service by providing better access to customer information that prevents revenue leakages
Entution ERP supports small and medium businesses to adapt to new ‘Data Driven’ operations with enhanced business reporting and real-time information.

Better Financial operations lead to well-disciplined financial management practices with adequate controls.

Entution ERP makes you intelligent in making informed decisions by providing access to state-of-the-art smart KPIs and Business Intelligent reporting facilities.
Improved cash flows of the business operations.

Bileeta Entution at a Glance

MS page-Sales & Distribution

Sales & Invoicing

Entution Sales Module empowers your sales team to initiate a Sale Order & progress until delivery & invoice completion, simultaneously managing credit control functionalities, pricing variants, discounting scenarios & order fulfilment. These processes bring absolute visibility & control to your entire sales operation, empowering you to implement market strategies dynamically.
MS page-Supply Chain Management

Inventory Management

Entution supply chain management involves planning, execution, control, and monitoring of procurement activities, including warehouse storage, transportation and the market aspect of effectively managing demand and supply to meet customer demands. Entution will introduce effective forecasting, planning, and collaborating towards your organization which is instrumental in business growth.
Ms page-Accounting & Finance

Accounting & Finance

Entution integrates all processes in your company into the centralized Accounting & Finance Module, which is the core of those business processes, while focusing on the future, with tools that emphasize budgeting, forecasting and planning. Simultaneously Entution will also manage financial elements such as your general ledger, accounts payable, accounts receivable, cash & tax management, ultimately generating the automated Financial Statements. You will have real-time access to essential core business & financial data for strategic decision making as well as regulatory compliance adherence.

Business Analytics

Entution enables your management team to easily monitor the overall organizational performance through its comprehensive, real-time Business Analytics platform. That analyses strategic & operational business data & provides a customized representation of critical information that reflects your organization’s current status and forecasted insight through intelligence information, which will enhance the decision-making process.


The Entution Purchasing module covers end-to-end aspects of any Purchasing operation, whether Imports or local Purchasing channels. You will be able to manage your suppliers, keep track of supplier credit control, record Purchase Orders, Invoices & payments to suppliers, and keep track of the returns process.

Top 12 reasons why Entution is the Correct ERP Solution for Business Digitalization

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