Manufacturing with Entution

Make manufacturing easy with Entution

Entution’s Manufacturing ERP Production Journeys enables organizations that carry out production to gain comprehensive oversight of their entire production and disseminate the right quantities of items to the relevant production floors.

It provides a simple, highly automated flow for taking care of repetitious tasks together with an advanced management-by-exception functionality, simultaneously handling more complex processes, such as engineer-to-order manufacturing.

This powerful, multifaceted solution supports planning, execution, control and analysis in most types of production and in all phases of the production process for all employees in the organization.


Manage Bill of Materials (BOM)

With Entution production journeys the BOM can be created by defining all the raw materials/components/sub-assemblies required to form the finished good. Entution Production journeys helps maintain different versions of the BOM and record full BOM change history tracking details which helps smoothen the production process.

Create a Production Model

Entution production model enables you to easily create finite and infinite production model for a finished good by defining the batch quantity and the BOM. Moreover, a pricing profile can also be defined to record the cost raw materials, overheads and resource costs.

Generate Tasks for Employees

Entution makes production easy by automatically generating the task for the shop floor as well as machine operators. The generated task consists of each step of the job, which simplifies the process for your employees and ensures that the production takes place smoothly.

Plan Material Requirement

With Entution the amount of material required can be planned swiftly. Production schedules can also be defined which guarantees the availability of material, on which the MRP is carried out, and also of the components defined in the BOM, streamlining the overall production process.


Increased Control and Efficiency

With Entution Production Journeys, you can track all activities in your supply chain and identify any barriers in the production process that would hamper the production and delivery of goods, and take corrective measures.

On Time Delivery

With a streamlined production process in place, you have more control over the other components that affect the manufacturing process. This gives you improved demand planning and an increased level of coordination, which enables your organization to promise on-time delivery of products.

Cost Minimization

With the provision of real-time information, Entution facilitates cost reductions since production flow processes are enhanced, minimizing any re-work. Production managers have full control over the entire operation and can easily identify any gaps in the production process beforehand and prevent it.

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