Build a Powerful Sales Management Force

Gain a Competitive Edge by securing revenue, retaining customers, and increasing market share

How Entution Sales Management ERP Module works for your organization

The success of your business depends on the efficient management of your sales process. Entution Sales Journeys enables handling pre-sales functions from the point of creating a customer, capturing inquiries, making customer quotations and sales orders and post-sales functions such as creating sales invoices, issuing receipts against the payments received creation of credit and debit notes and sales returns.

Bileeta Entution provides a comprehensive sales commission mechanism which enables the organization to set complex as well as flexible structures to provide commission to sales staff.

Features of Entution Sales Management

Manage Your Sales Force

Entution provides a single platform to centrally control the entire sales operation thereby saving time and money. You will be able to monitor sales via multiple channels including sales made by field agents in remote locations which contributes to boost revenue and increase market reach.

Place Sales Orders Confidently

With Entution, the availability of real time stock updates enables your sales teams to place sales orders more effectively without conflicts. This mechanism of demand planning in Entution empowers you to improve the accuracy of forecasts and build the confidence of your customers.

Maintain commissions

Large sales organizations require complex commission structures to be put in place. Bileeta Entution provides the facility to assign varying structures to each entity, which will ensure that commissions are calculated and distributed based on the rules defined.

Identify Sales Patterns

Entution uses existing business data to identify sales patterns and trends of a specific region, dealer, agent, product type, price brand and even customers. You will also be able to analyze weak areas that require more attention and fine-tune the sales strategy of your organization.


Increased profitability

The time saved by Bileeta Entution enables you to focus more on revenue generation. Moreover, the cost of mistakes made through inaccurate processing of sales orders and delivery of goods will also be reduced greatly through streamlining of the entire sales and distribution process.

Competent Sales Force

Your sales team will have real time access to information such as stock levels, credit limits and customer insights so that they can make better decisions and respond to customers with speed and accuracy. They will also be able to reach their targets effectively and gain higher job satisfaction.

Smooth Sales Operations

The sales and distributions teams will have complete control over the entire sales network by managing both customers and vendors, and minimizing inefficiencies. Bileeta Entution will transform the entire organization into a powerhouse which drives profitability through faster generation of ROI.

Competitive Advantage

The ability to combine superior service with extensive cost savings and profit drivers through Entution will give you a competitive edge. Market perception regarding your organization and how it operates will be elevated to the next level, making you a true leader in your business domain.

Enhanced Customer Relationship

Building strong, lifelong relationships with your customers is critical for the success of your business. Entution helps you minimize extended lead times and mistakes during customer service in order to achieve higher customer satisfaction.

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