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Training and Certifications

Bileeta provides custom designed training programs on using Bileeta ERP for employees of its new and current clientele. The programs offering certifications upon completion, are composed of up-to-date content, and are conducted to high quality teaching standards.

Training is provided once Bileeta ERP is deployed within your organisationes and on a continuous basis, as and when the need occurs. We take our client employees through the basics and advanced components with in depth training. We support your transition from previous systems (if any) to Bileeta ERP. The easy follow programmes offered by friendly trainers will ensure that the staff will learn to embrace Bileeta ERP in their daily work processors.
Bileeta ERP offers a selection of varied training programmes suited for the following:

  • managers and key personnel who would be overlooking the processors
  • employees who would work hand-on on different modules of the system
  • technical training for IT managers and network engineers
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