About Bileeta

We are an Award-Winning Technology Company that takes pride in developing innovative Enterprise Solutions to help the communities.
Experts in Delivering cutting edge ERP Solutions, Electronic Logistics Management Information Solutions (eLMIS), Vaccine Logistics Management Information Solutions (VLMIS), Business Intelligence Solutions, Custom Made Software Developments, and E-Commerce Solutions. All those solutions are represented under the Brand name ‘Entution’.
Always committed to ensuring that our Solutions are Highly Stable, Scalable, and Sustainable, Bileeta enables companies to adopt smart technologies such as cloud computing, mobile apps, and business analytics based on big data for the company’s business operations via our Enterprise solutions. Adaptation of such technologies by companies eliminates wastages, improves process and service standards, increases profits, and enhances stakeholder satisfaction whilst business operation becomes smooth and scalable.
Our expertise and technologies have been recognized globally. The leading organizations such as USAID, GAVI, The Global Fund, Bill & Melinda Gates foundation have selected us as the preferred vendor for National Health Commodity Supply Chain Management solution for countries. Today, Bileeta is rated as the Most Compliant Solution in The World for this domain for our Solutions of ‘Entution Vesta eLMIS & Entution Vesta VLMIS’. Furthermore, our flagship product Entution ERP has been recognized with many awards including The Best Software Product in Sri Lanka at National Best Quality Software Awards, NBQSA 2014.


To create cutting edge solutions to help Man-Kind


To be the greatest Provider of Value to our clients by delivering a comprehensive range of features and practical implementation to meet their business needs at the lowest total cost of ownership


To Become the ERP Vendor Of Choice for Global Enterprises

Team Bileeta

Our Adept Subject Matter Experts are highly Experienced and Proficient in the key industry domains that we support and come with a background of strong Financial Knowledge. We take great pride in having the best talent in the industry to ensure that we effectively fulfil our clients’ requirements.
We are mainly driven through 04 Core Principles which are Clarity, Competency, Creativity and Care which inspire us to deliver Human Centric innovative solutions for Communities.